Who We Are

We’re Family. We’re Followers of Christ. We’re Your Trusted Insurance Partner.


As a child one of my fondest memories is coming home from our small-town church on Sundays to watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Inevitably Alaska was showcased in some fashion whether it be the Kodiak bears, Orcas in Seward, Iditarod Dog Sled race, or Denali Park. I decided Alaska would be my future home at a very early age and I’ve lived long enough to enjoy a dream coming to fruition. It gives me great pleasure to partner with so many great ministries and human service organizations around the state. I’m here to serve you, Alaska!

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I was raised in Chugiak as if it were a hundred years ago without some of the modern comforts amenities that were available. My parents instilled in me a very strong work ethic and a can-do attitude. I am known to be adventurous, spontaneous, yet calculated and I try to be prepared for most situations…. Just In Case 🙂

We have been living in the Matanuska Valley since 2016 and are very fortunate to have both of our beautiful daughters, sons-in-laws and grandchildren close by. We get to share in a lot of family outings together with all of our immediate family; taking in all that Alaska has to offer. Our outdoor passions cross over all seasons and we are always looking forward to the next adventure but never taking the present for granted. We are truly blessed!

I have a heart for the people of Alaska and the success of the businesses, ministries and non-profits that support Alaska and make this incredible state what it is. I am honored to be part of Northern Advantage Insurance Leaders and look forward to what God has in store for all of our futures.

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Like many people growing up in the lower 48, I always heard stories about Alaska and what rugged beauty, adventure, and excitement that it had to offer. I had always considered it to be a distant goal to at least visit once and experience these elements. As God would have it, I began dating a girl who shared many interests with me, and wouldn’t you know it, her family was living in Alaska. Following our wedding and several years of repeated trips to and from, we decided that bi-annual visits were not enough for us and wanted to relocate here permanently. While this meant switching from my Information Technology background as a Technical Account Manager to an insurance Account Manager, the end goal of serving client needs relentlessly would stay the same. I am very happy to be part of NAIL and look forward to building deeper community relationships within our state. 

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Our Story

From vision to reality, how it unfolded.


33AD - The start of all our stories Christ is Risen!

2018 - A Trip to Fairbanks When the idea of NAIL was given

2020- Start of Operations NAIL starts agency operations

Present - Here and Now You’re reading this about us, go ahead and give us a call

In January of 2018, I felt a strong urging from the Lord to begin exploring the opportunities in partnering further with both Alaska and Church Mutual.

It is truly a blessing to see how the Lord’s ways are not my ways.  Someday, maybe I will stop being surprised when the Lord works as He tends to on the averages.  He is good!

For the last 25 years, I have seen how vital it is to have a local understanding and partnership wherever possible in all business.

As a representative with Church Mutual we had this partnership in a limited form, however, I always felt like there was further opportunity to show the deep love and commitment we have for our ministries and human service organizations here in Alaska.

This partnership has been given a new avenue to flourish with the creation of NAIL.  We are Alaskans serving Alaskans – We Get It!

-Matthew Adams